Level 1 Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Jeremy Wolf

This comprehensive, 24-hour teacher training will provide the skills, background, and understanding of sleep-based meditation (yoga nidra) to begin guiding the practice in group settings. This training is open to anyone, and highly encouraged for yoga teachers as a method for extending the reach of yoga into the psychological dimensions to promote greater peace, joy, [...]

Slow Flow Yoga, a Study in Unwinding with Andrea Throne

Yoga can be the practice of undoing. The shift from the habitual patterns of doing more and thinking more to freedom and space in our minds and bodies. Join us for an all levels workshop that is created to help us move into the space of calm and ease by simply slowing down. We will [...]

The Ashtanga Primary Series with Paul Warren

Take a journey back to the beginning and lay the foundation of your future yoga practice. The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, known as “Yoga Chikitsa,” means yoga therapy. The healing process cleanses and tones the body, mind, and senses, clearing the way to self-discovery. These therapeutic benefits occur through the subtle movements, breath, and [...]