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Friday, June 1- Sunday, June 3

Friday 4-6pm: Opening- Entering the practice through the gateway of gratitude.
Saturday 10am-1pm: Purifying- Utilize the practice to undo, unwind, eradicate negativity in the physical/mental/emotional layers.
Saturday 4-6pm: Calming- Evening practice for cooling and balancing.
Sunday 9am-noon: Closing- Tie up the loose ends for clarity of purpose and strength of will power.

Each session moves according to the Divine flow. Ground down, connect, work with nature’s gravity force for the rebounding, uplifting, take off and expansion of spirit. The mountains provide the essential backdrop for the work within. Listening, playing, tuning up. We have work to do and no better time to do it than now. Join us for practices which incorporate stretching, mobility, breathing, relaxation, and concentration. Who knows, you might even encounter the state of meditation, or perhaps some state of expanded consciousness and compassion, during the weekend.

The only requirement is your curiosity and receptivity. No prior experience necessary.

Full weekend $150 early/$180 regular
A la carte 2-hour session: $35 early/$45 regular
A la carte 3-hour session: $45 early/$55 regular
Early pricing through May 15.
Call (970) 476-7960 to register!

About Charry:
Charry was introduced to yoga by her college soccer coach. At that time, playing to win a National Championship was all that was on her mind. In that moment, the yoga provided an injury-free season, quicker recoveries, and mental clarity, yet, somehow, this introduction to yoga touched some seed of recognition to past experiences.

Following college, Charry went on to play professionally in Japan for 5 years. Toward the end of her career there, another coach had the team do yoga as part of their daily training. Again, she noticed that she was injury-free, her fitness was through the roof, and her psychology was very strong.

Charry moved to Vail, Colorado when she came back to the U.S. because she loved to ski. Meanwhile, she continued playing soccer professionally. In order to train while living in the mountains, she teamed up with a friend who was trying to make the U.S. Ski Team. Without exception, 3 days a week, Charry would take a yoga class followed by her weights and plyometrics. She saw the benefits immediately: increased stamina, endurance, flexibility and strength.

Charry was hooked on yoga completely at this point, which led her to an initial “teacher training” course with her beloved teacher Argie Ligeros.

At this point, the WUSA opened and Charry moved to Atlanta to play for the Atlanta Beat. At the beginning of the season she suffered a severe ankle injury from which her doctor said she might not recover or play again. With the help of her yoga practice, she was able to make a full recovery.

Retiring from soccer, Charry transitioned into coaching, continued to teach skiing, and involved herself in every yoga training she could. She loved the physical aspects of the practice. The physical practice became her real addiction. She wouldn’t feel “right” without it. Until she experienced meditation in Bridge Pose with her favorite Iyengar teacher- Swati Chanchani. Within an instant something shifted in her perception of not only the practice, but her self.

On a rainy, cold day in a Russian neighborhood in New York, Charry found herself taking a class from Sri Andrei Ram and suddenly, without her even being aware of what was happening, her dharma journey began.

Since that time, Charry has moved slowly and steadily on the path of Supreme Self-Realization under the guidance and care of her teacher/friend/mentor/Guru and the global Sangha.

Today, Charry walks the path step by step, in a very practical way.

As a mother of 2, moving from Vail to Ohio to Dallas, divorcing, opening a studio then leaving the business, holding space for Sangha, traveling, coaching, and taking care of an aging parent, the yoga has provided the necessary skills for all of the transitions, twists, and turns of life.

Of course, the yoga is a powerful tool to keep the body healthy, strong, and flexible. Of course, the yoga calms the mind and improves concentration. Of course, the yoga helps anyone and everyone feel better in a general sense. If you feel better in your body- more at home and at ease in your body- you will feel better in your mind and suddenly you will radiate confidence and peace. You will begin to attract that which is positive into your life. You will magnetize that which you really need and desire.

Moreover, the yoga can heal. On all aspects, the yoga can provide real support and lasting healing.

And this is where we need to go with the yoga. We need to gain some understanding of the who we really are. We need to gain some real knowledge and know how to apply it in our daily life. We need to evolve and regain our humanity.

And this is what I am happy to be sharing.

May everyone develop the will power and determination necessary to stay on the path.
May everyone find their way home.
With love,
Charry Shakti OM