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Saturday September 23- Sunday September 24

This weekend is designed to prepare you for each eternal present moment. Consider each session to be a step along the collective journey. Each session is fine as a stand alone practice or combined for enhanced benefits. Come and unite to celebrate the glorious beauty of the fall season. Join in and share your practice with a genuine and receptive heart and mind. Come as you are. Let’s move together in harmony and good will. There is no time to waste when it comes to gaining an understanding of the Divine Laws. Do your best. Let go of the rest. Let’s enjoy this time to be together again!

Only $15 per session in advance, $20 per session day-of!

Saturday 5-6:30pm Celebration

The leaves will be in full color/spirit. Let’s celebrate this magical time by coming together through breath and stretch. Peel back the layers, clear off the lens of perception, and journey beyond typical alignment instructions into a whole new field of awareness. We are all connected. Learn how to gain access to the humble heart. From the discoveries within the heart space, we will celebrate and offer our prayers to the local land, as well as, our collective “American” nature. This class is for all levels. There will be movement, breath work, an introduction to Kriya Yoga, along with relaxation/concentration exercises.

Sunday 9-10:30am Collaboration

This session is dedicated to the long haul. We need to protect our planet. We need to protect our water. We need to figure out how to live together in harmony. This is the practice. Learn how to stretch the body and breathe in such a way that you are able to truly study Who You Really Are. Learn the techniques that assist in draining out negative emotions and thoughts. Once you learn how to heal your own traumas and injuries, you will really be able to bring healing to the planet. Let’s use this special time wisely, and collectively, to empower our own personal process and share That knowledge with the world. This class is for all levels. There will be movement, breath work, restorative poses, deep healing relaxation, and a continuation of the Kriya Yoga study.

Charry ’Shakti’ Om is a once-upon-a-time, hyper-intense, competitive, and driven professional athlete turned current-day mother of 2, writer, educator, coach, and friend. Charry is deeply interested in the scientific study of the Self. She has become fascinated by how we can integrate the traditional yoga practices into a practical and useful aid for compassionate, evolved daily living. Her teaching is steeped in the tradition of Sri Dharma Mittra through the vessel of Sri Andrei Ram. Her classes are light hearted and experiential in nature. All of her classes are easily accessible to everyone regardless of experience or flexibility. The work is simple, yet highly effective. Charry believes that only you can make your own life beautiful. No one can do it for you. So, she encourages everyone to put out the effort, gain some spiritual knowledge, and start to apply the lessons as soon as possible. It’s not about the technique. It is about you.