Gratitude and Grace: a Thanksgiving Course in Shambhala Drala with Shakti Redding

Thursday, November 28, 2019
Free to members/$20 drop-in

Your job is to rock your intrinsic goodness and sacred beauty. How have you been showing up lately?

This asana practice invites you to ground yourself in gratitude so that you may soar with grace. Gratitude is a balance of honor, humility, contentment, and faith. With the stability of these four pillars, gratitude fuels our hearts and brings us into the light of drala: sacred beauty where effort and surrender meet.

When you show up to co-create your life’s purpose, divine inspiration will bring your heart to new heights.

Accompanied by the beat of sacred rhythms, let your heart take flight.
Shambhala Mythology and Theory along with dynamic asana practice. Perfect for Intermediate students. All levels welcome.

Call (970) 476-7960 to register.