Hannah Ellison, Personal Trainer

Hannah Ellison is born and raised in the Vail Valley, growing up as an athlete and developing her love for fitness and health. She started her personal training career in 2015. Hannah has worked with a variety of clients in helping them to obtain their personal goals. She pays close attention to her client’s form and technique. Her training sessions have a purpose and focus on achieving maximum results in a safe manner. If you are looking for an enjoyable workout experience with a trainer who is positive and creative with every session, Hannah is your person. Her passion for fitness shows in her workouts which are intense yet fun.

Hannah’s other interests include weightlifting, hiking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, beach volleyball, and tennis. She is also a hairstylist.

– C.P.R. & First Aid
– Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA)
– High Intensity Certified
– TRX Suspension Certified
– Specific Nutrition Certified

– Strength and Conditioning
– Mobility and Stability
– Group X classes
– Physical Therapy

Hanna Ellison Vail Athletic Club