What is meditation?

There are many forms of meditation. Mindfulness meditation is taking the time to become more present in your experience, in order to better navigate the tides of life, as well as enrich the experience of living. Concentration practices are designed to stabilize and clarify the mind. And contemplative practices introduce ideas such as kindness or compassion, in order to improve our emotional well-being.

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and improve physical health. It also reduces what is called ‘stickiness,’ which is the length of time that negative emotions and thought patterns last. Through practice, we become more self-aware and so able to make better choices in our lives.

Meditation does not require stopping the flow of thoughts or being a calm person. Rather, meditation provides tools to work with the mind as it is. Because the mind is neuroplastic, we can strengthen the stability of the mind through practice, much like we can build a muscle by exercising.

Both yoga and meditation are designed to ‘wake us up’ to our current experience, to live more richly and face what needs improving. Sometimes the practice offers a peaceful respite from anxiety or rumination. Sometimes turning toward our experience provides the opportunity to process old emotional experience. In all cases, meditation only requires showing up and engaging in the practice. There is no success or failure.

Our classes:

We offer 20-minute guided meditation classes daily, which take place after our yoga classes. No experience is necessary.  Props are provided for sitting on the floor, chairs are also available. View schedule here.

Private sessions:

If you would like to have individual guidance in beginning or deepening your meditation practice, try booking a private session with one of our experienced instructors. We will tailor a practice to you, with plenty of time to address your personal goals and questions. This can be for individuals or smaller or larger groups.


Our teachers come from various meditation backgrounds, including Tibetan Buddhist, secular Buddhist, mindfulness training, and various yoga traditions. All have a strong personal practice and are delighted to be able to offer their practice to others.

“What better gift could you give to yourself than peacefulness?” says instructor Aislinn Walton. “I am overjoyed to be able to share the tools of meditation so that we may learn to treat ourselves and others with deep compassion and respect.”

introduction to guiding meditation teacher training with karen anderson in vail colorado at the vail vitality center