Vail Athletic Club News

Kids Climbing Group

Join us for the perfect after-school activity away from technology! Our kids climbing group is a team building activity that will teach your child problem-solving, confidence, and of course, fun!

Ages: 15 and under
When: March 12 – April […]

The Magic of Meditation 

Guided meditation classes are offered at the Vail Athletic Club

Creating a consistent meditation practice has been shown to reduce stress and improve physical health. The Vail Athletic Club currently offers daily 20-minute guided meditation classes, […]

HIIT Training In Vail

Have you tried High Intensity Interval Training? Known as HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training is performed by targeting the Anaerobic Lactic energy system.

“Science has shown that performing workouts in an interval setting targeting this energy system […]

Private Yoga Sessions + Q&A

If you have specific injuries or issues, or if you prefer more attention from an instructor, then our private yoga sessions are for you. Your instructor will design a yoga practice to suit your individual […]

Meet our new Director of Club & Spa

The Vail Mountain Lodge is pleased to announce that Jennifer Razee is now serving as the Director of Club & Spa, overseeing the resort’s 18,000 square foot fitness center & award-winning spa.

Razee has spent the […]

2018 Outdoor Community Yoga

The Vitality Center at Vail Mountain Lodge is once again offering FREE Outdoor Community Yoga on the lawn in front of Solaris in the heart of the Vail Village this summer.

Awaken your energy and […]

Try Small Group Training

Group fitness classes provide a lot of benefits to athletes. Working out with others at a specific time holds people accountable to show up for their workout, and individuals may also push themselves more when […]

Moving Into Mindfulness

The Vitality Center at Vail Mountain Lodge is hosting a special Moving into Mindfulness yoga and meditation event on Friday, April 20th starting at 5 p.m. for just $10 per person!

Led by passionate yoga teacher […]

Core Stability

Mark Pitcher

Core Stability
Article by Mark Pitcher

Patients often ask me “what is the most important core muscle?” I wish I could say to them “it’s simple really,” […]

Loving Ourselves by Karen Anderson

“The point isn’t to perfect yourself, the point is to perfect your love. — Jack Kornfield

How is your relationship with yourself? Instead of answering intellectually, identify the felt experience. Is there a quality of warmth […]

Feel The Difference With CBD Massage

Nature's Root Products

Have you heard about or experienced the benefits of CBD? Cannabidiol — CBD — is a cannabis compound that boasts medical benefits, without the psychoactivity, or “stoned” […]

Join The Polar Club 

Vail Athletic Club brings in live heart rate-based training to its classes with Polar Club Fitness. 

Paying close attention to your heart rate when you’re exercising is a great way to understand your body […]

Why Metabolic Testing?

Why is a metabolic test important before beginning a workout program?

When most people work out, they think the harder the workout, the quicker and better the results. What most people don’t know, especially if they […]

Where To Snowshoe In Vail 

If you’re staying in Vail, there’s no need to go far to get out on your snowshoes. Book a private hike on Vail Mountain with outdoor trainer, Ellen Miller, available through the […]

Want To Be Injury Free This Winter?

Personal Coaches and Trainers agree that most people are using the  fitness equipment incorrectly leading to immediate and lifelong injuries. Fitness equipment and exercise routines aren’t always intuitive, and trial and error is […]

5 Ways To Find Vitality in Vail 

Breathe It In 

There’s something really special about Colorado mountain air. From the moment you arrive in Vail, you can feel the refreshing and rejuvenating alpine energy. Vail Village sits at just over 8,000 feet in […]

PRO-aging at the Vitality Center

We hear a lot about anti-aging in the media but what does that really mean? At the Vitality Center, we know aging is inevitable. I believe the mindset should be switched to PRO-aging and the […]

Happy New Year DO-Over Membership

Sign up for a Vail Vitality Center membership by Feb. 16 for special benefits.

Did 2016 not start out quite like you planned? Maybe in December you had big goals for the New Year: to lose […]

Go Easy On Your Heart Package

Go Easy on the Heart a Heart Health Months Local Package

In celebration of Heart Health Month we invite you to go easy on your heart at the Vail Vitality Center. Choose a day in February […]

Goal Setting to Live in Your Vision

Hear from a goal-setting guru on how to fully participate in your life path … 

Do you have hopes for the coming year? For your future as a whole?

Susanne Conrad, a leadership and communication advisor, would […]

8 keys to Holiday Happiness

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” you hear over the speakers in the store. Then, “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me. .. . .” And, on-and-on-and-on. The […]

Women’s Climbing

Join us on Vail’s only indoor climbing for women’s only climbing night. Meet other females in the climbing community for belay, training, potential outdoor partners, and support! Belay tests offered at this time to ensure […]

Improve Your Emotional IQ 

At the most basic level, Emotional Intelligence (EI), is being smart with, and about, feelings.

“This means really getting to know your feelings, intimately, and using your feelings as data to live more mindfully — more consciously […]

Find Your Yoga Style

Vail Vitality Center Yoga Teacher Training directors, Julia Clarke and Gina Caputo, share festival perspectives as the 2nd annual Eagle YogaFest approaches this weekend.

Vail Vitality Center members receive 10% off Eagle […]

What is Ignite360?


The Vail Vitality Center is proud to be offering the only Ignite360 Performance Program in the Valley.

Each Ignite360 class focuses on building your athletic engine through […]

Let’s Make Getting Healthy Fun Too



Article by Jamie Shapiro: Executive Wellness Coach

How many times have you thought about eating healthier […]

Community Climbing

Join us on Vail’s only indoor climbing wall! Meet other locals in the climbing community for belay, training, potential outdoor partners, and support! Belay tests offered at this time to ensure your safe usage of […]

The Heart Of Wellness

The Heart of Wellness
By Kim Fuller

“Listen to your heart.”

You’ve probably heard it before — the phrase, but what about the heart itself? Perhaps you’ve listened to the steady cadence of your organ’s vital beats through […]

Setting Goals for 2014

By Dr. Abby Ruby

As the New Year begins, it’s time to reflect on the past year and decide how you’d like the next 12 months to flow. Many people focus on resolving to change […]

Rest, Recovery and Regeneration

Living With Vitality: Rest, Recovery and Regeneration

What are the most important days in your workout schedule? Is it Heavy lifting days? Long run days? High intensity interval days? No; most important are your rest and recover […]

Pitta Meltdown

Julia Clarke Pitta

Living With Vitality: Pitta Meltdown

Last February, I spent two weeks in South India studying Ayurveda, an ancient system of health and wellness that originated there […]

Crispy Baked Kale Snack

Did you know that eating Kale  can help with weight management and cardiovascular health? Check out this great baked kale recipe

Terra Bistro Kale Recipe

Crispy Baked Kale […]

What Is a Life Coach and Do I Need One?

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” –Henry David Thoreau

Are you living the life you’ve imagined? What would it take to walk the path of your dreams? Life coaches […]

Men and Yoga

Men Yoga At Vail Vitality Center

Despite its current feminine stereotype, yoga does not require a full wardrobe of perfectly matched Spandex, a fresh pedicure or any […]

Skin Health Goes Deep

Vail Vitality Center Skin Care

Healthy skincare happens from the inside out. We cannot expect lotions and creams to correct an unhealthy lifestyle. To treat surface symptoms […]