Vail Athletic Club News

Intermittent Fasting

Trending on multiple platforms and within health cultures, intermittent fasting has been on a pedestal lately. Let’s take a moment and clarify what it’s all about and the benefits the routine has to the human […]

Cultivating Compassion by Karen Anderson

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other?”
— George Eliot in ‘Middlemarch’

The word compassion derives from the Latin for “suffering-with.” Which doesn’t necessarily sound so appealing, […]

The Magic of Meditation 

Guided meditation classes are offered at the Vail Athletic Club

Creating a consistent meditation practice has been shown to reduce stress and improve physical health. The Vail Athletic Club currently offers daily 20-minute guided meditation classes, […]

HIIT Training In Vail

Have you tried High Intensity Interval Training? Known as HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training is performed by targeting the Anaerobic Lactic energy system.

“Science has shown that performing workouts in an interval setting targeting this energy system […]

Private Yoga Sessions + Q&A

If you have specific injuries or issues, or if you prefer more attention from an instructor, then our private yoga sessions are for you. Your instructor will design a yoga practice to suit your individual […]

Meet our new Director of Club & Spa

The Vail Mountain Lodge is pleased to announce that Jennifer Razee is now serving as the Director of Club & Spa, overseeing the resort’s 18,000 square foot fitness center & award-winning spa.

Razee has spent the […]

2018 Outdoor Community Yoga

The Vitality Center at Vail Mountain Lodge is once again offering FREE Outdoor Community Yoga on the lawn in front of Solaris in the heart of the Vail Village this summer.

Awaken your energy and […]