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Try Small Group Training

Group fitness classes provide a lot of benefits to athletes. Working out with others at a specific time holds people accountable to show up for their workout, and individuals may also push themselves more when […]

Core Stability

Mark Pitcher

Core Stability
Article by Mark Pitcher

Patients often ask me “what is the most important core muscle?” I wish I could say to them “it’s simple really,” […]

Loving Ourselves by Karen Anderson

“The point isn’t to perfect yourself, the point is to perfect your love. — Jack Kornfield

How is your relationship with yourself? Instead of answering intellectually, identify the felt experience. Is there a quality of warmth […]

Feel The Difference With CBD Massage

Nature's Root Products

Have you heard about or experienced the benefits of CBD? Cannabidiol — CBD — is a cannabis compound that boasts medical benefits, without the psychoactivity, or “stoned” […]

Join The Polar Club 

Vail Athletic Club brings in live heart rate-based training to its classes with Polar Club Fitness. 

Paying close attention to your heart rate when you’re exercising is a great way to understand your body […]