Discover how movement can help heal the body from the inside out in our fully equipped Pilates Studio at the Vail Athletic Club. Experience increased range of motion, improved posture, overall strength, and better coordination for a more balanced, rejuvenated you.

Pilates is a method of exercise that stretches and strengthens the body with particular focus on the deep core/postural muscles. Movements are linked together with smooth transitions and muscles are never isolated but rather the entire body moves in unison calling for inner strength from the deep muscles that support the bones. The Pilates equipment is designed to offer more support and resistance in order to bring the Pilates Mat work to the next level, which requires a great deal of mind-body connection.

Pilates Mat

A mixed-level classical practice that incorporates all of the fundamental Pilates principles including control, centering, concentration, precision, alignment, balance, breath, and rhythm/flow. Exercises are taught in their traditional order and form, with modifications provided [...]

Foundations Pilates Equipment

For beginners or those newer to using Pilates equipment, class focuses on the fundamentals of navigating the spring-loaded apparatus: Reformers, Low Chairs, and more. This small, focused class helps students acquire a deeper understanding of [...]