Discover how movement can help heal the body from the inside out in our fully equipped Pilates Studio at the Vail Athletic Club. Experience increased range of motion, improved posture, overall strength, and better coordination for a more balanced, rejuvenated you.

Pilates is a method of exercise that stretches and strengthens the body with particular focus on the deep core/postural muscles. Movements are linked together with smooth transitions and muscles are never isolated but rather the entire body moves in unison calling for inner strength from the deep muscles that support the bones. The Pilates equipment is designed to offer more support and resistance in order to bring the Pilates Mat work to the next level, which requires a great deal of mind-body connection.

Class or Private Training

  • Vail Athletic Club Pilates

Private Pilates Instruction

Schedule a private or duet Pilates instruction with a certified trainer to strengthen your core strength and lengthen muscles. Private instruction includes Reformer, Cadillac, Low Chair, Barrels, Ped-O-Pull, Spine Correctors, and more. Private Pilates: 55 [...]

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Pilates Mat

A mixed-level classical practice that incorporates all of the fundamental Pilates principles including control, centering, concentration, precision, alignment, balance, breath, and rhythm/flow. Exercises are taught in their traditional order and form, with modifications provided [...]

Meet the Trainers

  • Michele Lavire Pilates VAC

Michele LaVire

Master Pilates Instructor Michele joins us most recently from the Miami area but has been visiting Vail throughout her life. She is a STOTT Pilates certified instructor for over 15 years and is also [...]

Emily Dornan

Master Pilates Instructor Emily's motivation in teaching Pilates is to guide people toward feeling both strong and lengthened; lithe and supple. While many people have the impression that Pilates isn't "hard," Emily believes that [...]

  • Adryen Pilates Vail Athletic Club

Adryen Goldstein

Adryen began her fitness instructing career in 1999 and has been spreading her love of Pilates in the Vail Valley since 2008! She is a Master STOTT Pilates instructor with beginner, intermediate and advance [...]

  • Linda Yare Vail Athletic Club Pilates

Linda Yare

Linda (Lindy) Yare moved to Vail from her native Sweden in 1995 to pursue a passion for travel and skiing. This was supposed to be a one-season venture, however, she fell in love with [...]

  • Patience Cogar-Stevens Pilates

Patience Cogar-Stevens

Master Pilates Instructor For the past 18 years, Patience Cogar-Stevens has worn many hats in the health and fitness industries including business owner, manager, exercise and pilates instructor, Ironman triathlete and even Olympic trails [...]