Private Pilates Instruction

Schedule a private or duet Pilates instruction with a certified trainer to strengthen your core strength and lengthen muscles. Private instruction includes Reformer, Cadillac, Low Chair, Barrels, Ped-O-Pull, Spine Correctors, and more.

Private Pilates:
55 Minute Session | $80/members | $100/guest
85 Minute | $115/members | $140/guest

Master Trainer Private Pilates:
55 minute session | $100/members | $120/guests
85 minute session | $140/members | $175/guests

Pilates Duet (2 people)
55 minute session | $120/members | $150/guests
85 minute session | $170/members | $210/guests

Master Trainer Pilates Duet (2 people)
55 minute session | $150/members | $180/guests
85 minute session | $210/members | $255/guests

Vail Athletic Club Pilates

Meet the Trainers

  • Patience Cogar-Stevens Pilates

Patience Cogar-Stevens

For the past 18 years, Patience Cogar-Stevens has worn many hats in the health and fitness industries including business owner, manager, exercise and pilates instructor, Ironman triathlete and even Olympic trails swim coach. Wellness [...]

Emily Dornan

Emily's motivation in teaching Pilates is to guide people toward feeling both strong and lengthened; lithe and supple. While many people have the impression that Pilates isn't "hard," Emily believes that if a person [...]

  • Michele Lavire Pilates VAC

Michele LaVire

Michele joins us most recently from the Miami area but has been visiting Vail throughout her life. She is a STOTT Pilates certified instructor for over 15 years and is also an Acupuncturist. She [...]

  • Linda Yare Vail Athletic Club Pilates

Linda Yare

Linda (Lindy) Yare moved to Vail from her native Sweden in 1995 to pursue a passion for travel and skiing. This was supposed to be a one-season venture, however, she fell in love with [...]