Soul Stretch Weekend with Charry Shakti OM

February 21-22, 2020

A Yoga Weekend with Charry Shakti OM feels like a beautiful blend of sunshine and laughter. The Yoga warms the heart and the bond of friendship holds the laughter. It’s all about Inner Connection. Deep, Meaningful Friendship. Stretching the Soul.

After a couple of decades of experimentation, trial and error with the Yoga practice, Charry finds great joy in sharing the essentials with everyone, regardless of physical condition or experience with yoga.

This weekend is dedicated to realizing where you are currently in your life and within your spiritual process. It’s all about transforming the academic shape of Yoga into humble living wisdom.

As always, these chances to come together, practice collectively, harmonize and tune up are rare and treasured times. The whole weekend is designed to be a singular experience, but if you are working/playing and can only make a session or 2, that’s great! Please join in on what you can!

We start the weekend purifying the Body, move on to clearing up the Energy Field, and culminate with quieting the Mind.

This is quite advanced work. But, anyone can do it if receptive and curious!

$20 per session in advance/$30 day-of

To register, call 970.476.7960

Friday, February 21st – 5:30-7:30pm Purifying Body

The Body carries so much wisdom. We have this body in order to be in this world evolving. Let’s practice Yoga to wake up the latent wisdom and drain out the fatigue, stress, and stiffness.

Saturday, February 22nd – 9:30-11am Transforming Energy

Our Energy (Good/Bad/High/Low) tells a lot about the physical and mental state we are in. Let’s do some Breathing and Stretching to even out the Inner Buzz while providing the necessary charge to stay LIT through the rest of the winter.

Saturday, February 22nd – 5:30-7:30pm Transcending Mind

Our Mind is a beautiful instrument, but sometimes we don’t want to go in there alone. Yoga helps tackle the BIG questions, like Who Am I? And What Is My Purpose? Only with this amazing mind can we transcend it! (Oh the Irony!) Let’s do some Collective Work to move from the Monkey Mind into the Compassionate Heart Wisdom. This one is going to be Transcendental!

Charry Shakti OM
Charry Shakti OM