Terms and Conditions

General The Terms and Conditions of Membership are formulated to facilitate maximum enjoyment of the Vail Athletic Club (VAC) facility by the majority of its members. There are also legal and business concerns that need to be addressed to protect the investment represented by your membership dues. The VAC is owned by VML,LLC, and management reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Membership and any other rules or policies pertaining to membership and use of the Club facilities. All memberships are licenses which shall permit the holders the right to use the facilities of the VAC subject to these terms and conditions. Amendments and/or changes in policies and rules shall apply to all members and guests of members not withstanding the date of membership. Members shall neither collectively nor individually have any proprietary right or interest in any of the properties, assets, premises, facilities, or operation of the VAC. Although the VAC is very proud of its diverse facilities, these special interest areas do from time to time require maintenance and upkeep, and may be closed for such. Your financial obligations to the Club are not negated because of the unavailability of your special interest area.

Medical All members are strongly encouraged to have a complete medical examination before beginning any program of strenuous new activity. If a proposed member has a history of heart (or any other) disease he or she must consult a physician before joining the Club. The Club reserves the right to revoke or deny the membership of anyone whose access to the facility, in the Club’s sole judgment, creates a danger to the member, other members, or staff.


Member enrollment All membership contracts require a signed contract including these terms and conditions. A valid credit card is also required on all accounts. Membership account payments are due on the 1st of each month for that month’s dues. If a member account becomes delinquent, the VAC reserves the right to charge a member’s credit card for any dues owed.


Membership freeze Only full memberships have freeze privileges. Freeze privileges are available in month increments, from the first to the last day of the month. To initiate a freeze, submit a freeze form at the club desk by the last day of the month prior to the month you wish to freeze. A $25 per month freeze charge will apply instead of your regular monthly membership dues.


Membership cancellation—member disability A member or a member’s estate has a right to cancel the agreement in the event of a permanent physical disability which would substantially prevent the member from using the Club, or on actual death of the member. Reason for cancellation must be provided in writing and accompanied by certification by a Colorado State licensed physician. After appropriate verification protocols, refund under this provision will be made in one of two ways. In the case of paid in full membership, the refund will be an amount equal to the annual contract price divided by the number of weeks in the contract and the result multiplied by the number of weeks remaining in the term. For memberships on payment plans, the VAC will release the member from further obligation after verification protocols. No refund of initiation fees will be made.


Membership cancellation—VAC prerogative VAC reserves the right to suspend or terminate any membership for non-payment of dues or other fees, violation of Club policies, or behavior infringing on the rights of other members or staff. In such cases no refund will be applicable.


Membership cards and check-in procedure The VAC will provide members with a special membership card that must be presented at the club desk upon entry to the Club. Entry to the Club will constitute use and check in will be recorded on that member’s account. In most cases members who have forgotten their cards can still enter the Club. At the discretion of the Club it may not be possible to enter without your card and the seasonal daily fee will be applicable..


Workout attire Exercise clothing, including a shirt, must be worn at all times (except in wet areas) in the Club. In the interest of safety and hygiene, closed toed shoes must be worn at all times (except in wet areas or specific closed classes where the judgment of the instructor will prevail). Only climbing footwear is allowed on the climbing wall. A climbing wall monitor must approve any personal climbing equipment.


Club etiquette Please be courteous to other members and staff and please avoid loud and boisterous language. If you are resting on a piece of equipment, please allow others to work in with you during rests. Smoking is prohibited in all areas at all times. Classes begin on time—please do not enter a class if it has already begun. No cell phones or camera cell phones.


Food, beverage, and wet areas For member safety and hygiene, food and beverage is only permitted in those areas provided for those purposes for your convenience. No food or beverage is to be taken into the wet areas other than water provided. No glass items of any kind are allowed in the wet areas.


Lockers and locker keys Permanent lockers operate with a combination. Day lockers are available to all members, and may only be used while you are on the premises.