Try Small Group Training

Group fitness classes provide a lot of benefits to athletes. Working out with others at a specific time holds people accountable to show up for their workout, and individuals may also push themselves more when they have instruction.

Small group training at the Vail Vitality Center is a way to achieve all the health and fitness gains that can come from a workout class or a personal training session, yet you can decide when to schedule the workout, who to share it with, even who will instruct you.

VML_barre12Groups of two to four people can schedule a small group training session with any of the Vail Vitality Center’s talented and qualified coaches.

“Small group training is effective because it not only creates accountability among the people in the group, but is also a lot more fun when you are able to workout with your friends and peers,” says Blake Gould, fitness operations manager and lead coach for the Vail Athletic Club in the Vail Vitality Center.

This type of training is effective, Gould says, because group of two to four people are still small enough that a coach can still really tailor the program to the needs and desires of the group.

Small group training can be customized based on the group’s interests or needs, and it is also a more affordable option than personal training.

“Even if the group were to be just two people, they are still going to save money versus a one-on-one session,” Gould explains. “If they were to get four people in the group, each person would be paying half or more of what a one-on-one session costs.”

Payments can be split among how many ever people are in the group.

“Small group training at the Vail Vitality Center is special because we have very talented coaches that care about clients,” shares Gould. “We want to design a program that is best for everyone, one that helps every person in the group reach his or her goals.”

To book a session, contact Blake Gould via email at Blake will help get you set up with the right coach to work on an action plan for fitness and wellness.