What is Ignite360?


The Vail Vitality Center is proud to be offering the only Ignite360 Performance Program in the Valley.

Each Ignite360 class focuses on building your athletic engine through a 360 degree approach with the elements of balance, strength, and movement. Throughout the program, athletes will progress through Train to Improve, Train to Gain, and Train to Perform phases, with each phase building on top of the other.

The benefits of training within this model are many. In the “Train to Improve” phase, athletes are focused on developing each one of the balance, movement, and strength elements individually. Once an athlete has shown progress, they are able to move into the “Train to Gain” phase, where they will be training two of the three elements at the same time. The last, and shortest, phase is “Train to Perform”. This phase is where one each exercise consists of all three elements in one.

Within each of the three phases, there are many overload variables and well as regressions to each prescribed exercise. By having these phases and variables, we are able to give athletes the prescription of 1 on 1 training while in a small group environment. Each athlete’s progression in the program is dependent on how they progress through each phase. No athlete will move to the next phase until they have shown complete physical competence in their current phase. The goal is to help each athlete gain complete emotional and physical confidence as they move through the Ignite360 program.

While classes are high intensity, as well as, physically and mentally challenging, they are a safe and effective means of taking your fitness and workouts to a whole new level.

Classes are offered at the Vail Vitality Center on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:15am, as well as, Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 5:30pm. Ignite360 classes are led by Ignite360 Master Trainer, Blake Gould.