The Vail Athletic Club yoga program offers an extensive selection of group classes, specialty workshops, and private instruction. Though our teachers have diverse backgrounds and styles, we are all grounded in dynamic Vinyasa flow-style yoga, offering students an opportunity to witness their own evolution through progressive sequencing and precise alignment in our challenging classes. Our doors are open to students of all levels of experience, and you can expect to find empowerment, mindfulness, and transformation on and off the mat when you come to our classes. Our mission is to provide exceptional yoga instruction in an atmosphere that promotes growth and community for students and teachers together. Please join us for your Vail yoga practice!

We offer free-style vinyasa yoga. Freestyle vinyasa integrates the breath-based flow of Ashtanga and the precision of Anusara into a deep, sweaty, transformative mind/body experience. And, though our instructors are grounded in a tradition, we are all drawn to vinyasa-creativity-expression-movement, sometimes through traditional Ashtanga and sometimes through a freeing flow of asana. Our souls are truly in vinyasa, and The Vitality Center has a freestyle vinyasa vibe. Our class descriptions below integrate the best of our teachers with a fun yoga experience.

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Elevate Yoga

Elevate your mind, body and spirit with our signature Vinyasa Yoga classes.  Meaning to place your attention in a special way, a Vinyasa practice is characterized by fluid movement linked to the breath, and an […]

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Alpenglow Yoga

Alpenglow Yoga is a delicious 45-minute serving of meditative Vinyasa Yoga designed to root you into the earth, cultivate your fluid power, and ignite your inner fire followed by 30 minutes of Yin and Restorative […]

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Apres Yoga

Flow off the hill and into this downtempo Vinyasa flow class designed with athletes in mind! Apres yoga offers a contemplative experience and focuses on opening the roots of the body – hips, quads […]

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Yin and Restore Yoga

Treat yourself to Yin and Restore Yoga! This class combines myofascial release, deep stretches and relaxing postures for an overall therapeutic reset. Accessible to all levels of practitioners, Yin and Restore Yoga is […]

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Guided Meditation

Guided meditation provides a community and space to sit with if you’re incorporating meditation into your life practice. Meditation is simply a willingness to witness. It is an invitation to watch yourself -your mind, your […]

Vinyasa Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Enjoy a delicious hour of meditative Vinyasa Yoga designed to root you into the earth, cultivate your fluid power, and ignite your inner fire, followed by  15 minutes of Yoga Nidra, the practice of yogic […]

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Flow and Fly Yoga

A vibrant vinyasa practice that combines arm balances and playful poses into an energetic flow. This approachable intermediate to advanced level class will challenge you physically yet leave you feeling invigorated. Best suited to […]

I wish I could take VAC teacher training again this year, and the next and the next! I decided to take the Vitality Center’s teacher training to improve my personal practice and become a yoga teacher, all while enjoying weekends in Vail! I left with a deep understanding of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, an incredible love for the practice and lasting friendships. It was the best 200 hours I could have ever hoped for!
Hannah Giduz